Kiln Dried Shavings

Musserís dust collection system is second to none.  Recycling wood particles produced in the manufacturing process is good for the environment and at the same time this particle by-product can be packaged and sold to a variety of manufacturers like plastic extruding companies, large horse farms and chicken farms for bedding, large nurseries for landscaping and other manufactures for boiler fuel.  This allows for a complete and efficient use of the lumber manufactured at Musser.  Recycling and selling this by-product provides the company with additional savings which can be passed along to Musserís customers in the form of highly competitive pricing. 

Benefits of using Musser Lumber kiln-dried shavings:


  • Guaranteed to be 100% Kiln Dried hardwood Shavings.

  • Guaranteed to be 100% Virginia wood.

  • Guaranteed to be at a moisture content of 6-8%.

  • Instead of 18-20% moisture content (as traditional pine and cedar shavings), our shavings offer a much higher percentage of absorbency.

  • Our shavings contain no resins or by-products such as glue or stains.

  • Our shavings contain no sander dust.


Benefits of our advanced modern screening system: 


  • Limits the amount of harmful airborne particles.

  • Our premium bedding is processed through 1/8Ē screens which insure our product is clean and consistent. 

  • This screening process removes virtually all harmful airborne particles.

  • Offers unmatched product consistency. 

  • You will receive the same high quality bedding every time! 


Benefits of our one of a kind "Pup Trailer Program"!


  • We will bring a 27 foot "pup trailer" to your property fully loaded with apr. 570 bags of kiln-dried Virginia hardwood shavings!

  • There are no "storage" requirements when it's done this way.

  • Use the shavings and when your done, we will pick up the trailer, reload it, and bring it back on site.  It's that easy!

  • For details on our unique "Pup Trailer Program," call  Mick Musser toll free at (888) 890-8403.

An up close shot of our 100% Virginia hardwood kiln dried shavings ... the best bedding in the state!